Canvey Island – Underground Services Tracing

Supporting the Environment Agency’s inspection of flood defence’s, we undertook multiple site surveys with Ground Penetrating Radar and Radio Detection 8000 series to locate buried services.


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Community Woodland Survey

Mason Land Surveys Ltd, in support of the local community,  have carried out at a topographical survey of the WW1 gun emplacements at Downing Point, Dalgety Bay for the Community Woodland.

These were part of the Forth Inner Defences and built in 1914. Two 4.7″ guns from the Kinghorn battery were mounted here in October 1914, these were then moved to the Inchcolm Island battery in 1917, and in turn two 12lb 18CWT guns from Inchcolm were installed here in July 1917.

There are very few such sites still in existence, as most were converted into WWII defences.

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Leith Hill Tower


Historic Leith Hill Tower

Historic Leith Hill Tower

MLS recently undertook a survey that required heights of permanent features recorded. This took us to Leith Hill, the second highest point in the South East of England to measure tree heights at this busy historic spot, with horse riders, mountain bikers and hill walkers all present on the day.


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Isle of Grain – GPR Survey

Isle of Grain GPR

Isle of Grain GPR

MLS are conducting a Ground penetrating radar survey on the Isle of Grain, with old wartime defences in the background at the limit of low water.

Tracing subsurface assets for our client as part of the Thames Estuary Asset Management 2100 programme (TEAM2100),  delivering the first 10 years of capital investment to the tidal flood defences of the Thames Estuary.  It aims to reduce the risk of tidal flooding to 1.25million people and £200 billion worth of property by replacing and refurbishing the tidal flood defences.

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Reservoir Monitoring

Monitoring South East Water’s Reservoirs as part of their annual checks. We undertake level runs over a series of bolts in the structure and set up multiple GPS receivers to record any movement in eastings and northings.

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Airfield Lighting


MLS under took sighting of Prestwick’s PAPI lighting this November as part of annual checks on the runway. Mason also provide software and land survey services to the airport for managing obstructions in its airspace.


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Recruitment Drive

Now recruiting

Recruiting Now!

We are now recruiting due to high level of workload!

We have positions for Experienced & Senior Land Surveyors, CAD/BIM technicians , Laser Scanning Operators, and UGS Surveyors. We also have a Management position to be filled in the South-east at our busy airport office.

Get in touch soon, we have vacancies in Fife, West Sussex & Heathrow Airport.

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UTX Monitoring

Track Monitoring

Track Monitoring

Essential monitoring of Undertrack Crossings at various sites across the UK. We provide these monitoring services for up to three weeks after the bore has been made and constantly during the construction phase for subsidence detection when new utility services need installed.

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Track & Tunnel Survey


We recently surveyed 300 metres of railway track using our Amberg GRP5000 trolley.  A track trolley with on board laser scanner capturing in high detail, the structure and assets present, to create a detailed 3D model for the planning of works on site.

tracktrolleycoss tracktrolley1

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Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park – Seating

QEOP Seating

QEOP – West Ham Seating

Mason are once again involved in the retractable seating project, for the transition from Athletics to Pitch seating mode at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park stadium,  and the start of its use by West Ham United.

24 hour working by multiple Mason teams for setting out and survey works as required, is now in full swing following the London Anniversary Games and in the run up to the first game played at the Stadium on the 4th August by West Ham.

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